Students taking courses in Adventure Recreation and Tourism are never really sure what to expect, but one thing is for sure – adventure is calling! Thorough the emphasis, students are provided with an opportunity to develop practical and real-world skills meant to prepare them for careers in outdoor recreation. We sat down with assistant professor in the Department of Recreation Administration, Dr. Jason Whiting, who let us know all about the courses involved, particularly RA146.



What is the Adventure-Based Programming Course all about?

The adventure recreation course is part of our RA 146 course. In this course students learn adventure-based education skills and are exposed to a series of experimental activities and other perceived risks of outdoor pursuits. Students gain insight to their own strengths and weaknesses related to the interaction of ongoing skills in a wilderness context.

What do students learn in the course?

They learn sequencing skills and are able to practice leadership skills.

How do those skills prepare them for their future careers?

These skills prepare students for future careers working for guiding agencies, land management agencies and for leading groups and working in and functioning effectively in a wilderness context.


What do you hope students take away from the course?

One of the things that students take away from this course, in addition to the experience, are certifications. You can become certified through Red Cross and get their first-aid wilderness certification, as well as their CPR certification. Students leave with the ability to plan logistically for expeditions – and also, to feel confident in leadership roles. Those are some of the benefits.


Your class recently took a trip to Anacapa Island. Can you tell us about it?

This past year, the course went to Anacapa Island which is one of the Channel Islands in the Santa Barbara Channel. It is one of the smaller islands located in the Channel Islands’ national marines sanctuary. Student in the course packed in all our gear, we packed in all our water, all our food. We were there for three days and kayaked all the way around the island. We were able to go snorkeling and even spearfishing (on the other side of the island) where it is legal. This was just a great way to see amazing amounts of aquatic marine life and also have a good time together in a safe, functioning environment. (View a video of their experience below!)


What feedback have you received from students regarding the course?

Often times, students say it is one of their most favorite classes that they have taken here at Fresno State. When students graduate, in their senior celebration, they get to talk about the experiences they gained – and very frequently  that is the highlight for most students. They reference back to the RA146 class and the trips they took while in the class. So it is a lot of fun for those folks and that’s what it’s all about.



To learn more about Dr. Whiting’s Adventure Recreation and Tourism program, send him an email at

– Written by Sierra Frank, CHHS Communication Student Assistant