Fresno State will begin using PerfectMind software this fall for its Department of Recreation Administration curriculum to help students gain an edge when entering the workforce.

More than 30 students from the course, “Recreation Administration 60: Technologies in Recreation, Parks and Tourism,” will participate in the new program. The course emphasizes the fundamentals of computer and social media technologies. Students will learn the essentials of entering data and building organized workbooks through Microsoft Excel, budgeting and evaluation of recreation, parks and tourism programs.


“Our students will be well-equipped to navigate the transition from the classroom into the workforce using real-world professional technology in the area of program development,” said Dr. Brandon Taylor, assistant professor in the Department of Recreation Administration at Fresno State. “Students without these skills will need to be taught on the job. It is our hope that with this addition to the department’s curriculum, students will become more marketable upon graduation and provide an advantage when going through the hiring process.”

The PerfectMind platform, which has more than 500,000 users in the U.S. and Canada, connects communities with cities, parks and recreation organizations, as well as academic institutions.

During their first two semesters in the department, students will work hands-on with the PerfectMind platform over a six-week period. The ultimate goal is to expand the platform to multiple courses. In addition, two faculty members within the department will be trained to use the platform.

“This partnership furthers the mission of the Department of Recreation Administration in providing the highest quality of education and training for recreation professionals in the Central Valley,” Taylor said. “This platform aids the department in the creation of relevant project-based curriculum that fosters career preparation and promotes success for our students.”


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