The College of Health and Human Services is home to faculty and staff whom are leaders in innovation and bold ideas. They are actively involved in research and creative activities that impact not just our Valley, but our greater San Joaquin region and beyond.

The college’s annual research showcase, which took place April 17th at Fresno State, served as as an opportunity for the campus and broader community to get a firsthand look at many of the new and exciting initiatives that took place this past academic year.

A common theme each year is the role of collaboration displayed in each of the projects.

“As a college, we pride ourselves in our ability to work together, through interprofessional collaboration and teamwork,” said Dr. Jody Hironaka-Juteau, dean of the College of Health and Human Services. “Many of our research projects were completed by a team of faculty, students and health care professionals in the community. This is truly indicative of the importance of collaboration not just within the academic sector, but for the field of health and human services.”

A total of 31 projects were on display, with faculty and students represented from all academic disciplines within our college. You can learn more about each of the projects by visiting our CHHS research webpage.

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Fresno State college displays research by studentsThe Collegian, April 17, 2018