The free speech area is home to many events and speakers but on April 5th it was the destination for the “What Gives Your Life Meaning?” tabling event put on by students in Gerontology 10S: Journey of Adulthood – Planning a Meaningful Life. Fresno State resources and organizations were showcased, as well as local community organizations like Poverello House, Hinds Hospice, and the Alzheimer’s Association, among many others.

Attracting more than 400 students for the second year, Gerontology Professor Dr. Helen Miltiades, hoped the event would provide students with resources that are available to them on campus and in the community, that could help them and their families.

“Think about what is most important to you,” said Miltiades. “Usually it’s your family, friends, your relationships. If you think about it, this event is supporting people who are in your life.”

Students in the Gerontology course orchestrated the event by contacting vendors, locating a DJ, and preparing light beverages for attendees. By studying the process of aging, students can learn how to age well and live full, healthy lives.

“This is a way of getting students aware of what can help them be more successful as college students,” said Miltiades.

Pre-Nursing major, Heremelinda Delgado and Political Science major, Esmeralda Molina both managed the arts and crafts station. Their role in the event was making sure it ran smoothly.

“It’s good for our class to come out and speak to students and let them know everything is okay and that there’s help out there,” said Molina.

On-campus organizations like the Student Cupboard, the International Student Services and Programs, the College Assistance Migrant Program, the Veterans Education Program, the Student Health and Counseling Center, and others, came out to show their support of helping students succeed.

“Stress has an effect on us as we grow older and I think this event is showing how to have a better happy life,” said Delgado.

Some of the tables the students set up included DIY stress ball making, hand painting, and note writing stations.

For Liberal Studies major, Loreen Eid, this was her first time attending the event. After learning about new programs on campus that she wasn’t aware of before, she enjoyed making a stress ball, out of a balloon and some flour, to take home.

“It was really fun and informative,” said Eid. “I didn’t know about the Veterans Education Program or the Senior Companion Program. I think it’s helpful for students who know someone who could benefit from these programs.”

The tabling event was accompanied by a live DJ, games and free refreshments, meant to attract students to learn more about resources in a stress-free environment.

“I think any time there is little events it makes being on campus more fun. If your stressed out about classes, it’s nice to have something to take your mind off the stress,” Eid said.

Overall, Miltiades said the purpose of the event is for individuals to embrace the important aspects of their lives and those around them.

“The more awareness we can bring to incoming freshmen, the better able they will be to complete their college career,” Miltiades said. “We’re all about student support, which is life support.”

For more information on the event, contact Miltiades at or 559.278.7523.

-Written by CHHS Communication Student Assistant, Rebeca Flores