We caught up with Chelsea Haflich, the Fresno State Associated Students, Inc. Senator for the College of Health and Human Services. The fourth-year Kinesiology major speaks about what it is like to involved in ASI.

BhIOS4EY_400x400Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Chelsea Halflich, I am a senior and my major is Kinesiology with an option in sports administration.

What is your role as the senator for the College of Health and Human Services?

To vote, and put my say for my respective college. I bring new ideas and relay information from the college to students.

How is it like being an ASI senator?

It’s fun! It’s really opened my eyes to a lot of things because I have never been a part of student government. I kind of took one last step before I graduated to see what I could do and so far, so good. [laughs]. It’s very interesting. Everyone in ASI is helpful and they want everyone to enjoy their time.

What exactly goes on in those top secret ASI meetings?

Well, every Wednesday there’s a meeting – either an ASI meeting for the senators or committee meetings. During the senate meetings, we have everyone get together and we discuss anything that is happening, and everything that is happening on campus. We vote on many things, one of the most recent things – I’m sure you have seen – is about the Fresno Bee. (Recently, ASI has moved to remove the Fresno Bee from Fresno State’s campus because of the higher cost the Bee has proposed. Read Here.)

I’m the activities chair and during committee meetings, we discuss events like ‘Pie an ASI’ and tailgates. We have some good ideas coming!

What is it like having the responsibility of voting for the college?

I hope that I’m representing students and if someone doesn’t like the way that I’m voting, they can always tell me. As a group the senators we pretty much vote the same, it’s not like my college is different from another college. When we vote, we think for the whole student body.

Why did you want to represent CHHS in ASI?

I wanted to do one last thing before I graduated and I thought participating in student government would not only help me with my people interactions, but allow me to get to know the college. I want to create fun events and advertise them well to engage students.

What are your goals this year in regards to ASI?

For my senator position, I want to be able to have people know the College of Health and Human Services. There are so many little majors in the College that should not be considered little and I just want to broaden everyone’s horizons to see what is actually a part of our college.

I’m all about listening to the college’s voice, I want to be the voice for people.

Do you think it’s important for students to be involved in student government or student leadership?

It’s important to be involved and you don’t have to have a leadership role to be involved.

Do you have any hobbies or talents?

I was in a sorority and we participated in philanthropy. I love athletics and that’s why I’m in Kinesiology. Sports is my life and that’s why I’m trying to go into Sports Marketing.

Why are you proud to be a bulldog?

Fresno State has been my home away from home. I’ve made my life here, created friendships and I’ve also created a sense of family. Being a bulldog has made me comfortable in my own skin and becoming independent.

How can students contact you with questions, concerns or suggestions?

Yes! They can contact me on twitter @chelsea_haflich or the Fresno State email (asi_sen_healthhumanservices@csufresno.edu). I want to make sure nothing gets misconstrued with social media. I want to listen to their reasoning and I can always bring their voice to the next senate meeting. Contact me! I want to make sure I am representing well, come see me.

-Written by Rebeca Flores, CHHS Communication Student Assistant