DPTaThirty four students officially became Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) candidates during the annual Doctor of Physical Therapy White Coat and Pinning Ceremony on August 25th. The newest cohort, representing the graduating class of 2020, have already begun Fresno State’s three-year accredited physical therapy program.

This departmental tradition began with the implementation of the DPT program in 2012. At the memorable ceremony, each doctoral student receives a white coat that is then placed on them by faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy. The coats symbolize their entrance into the physical therapy profession, said Dr. Jenna Sawdon-Bea, interim chair of the department.

The newest DPT cohort during the first week of classes.

University administrators offered words of welcome and encouragement to the incoming DPT students, inlcuding Fresno State Provost, Dr. Lynette Zelezny, and College of Health and Human Services’ Dean, Dr. Jody Hironaka-Juteau. The keynote speaker for the evening was alumnus, Jack Vertees, a physical therapist with Concentra Physical Therapy and clinical instructor at Fresno State.

The students also recited their professional oath, which they developed and wrote collaboratively as a group. An excerpt of the oath:

“We, the class of 2020, with the support of family, friends and faculty, accept our professional responsibility to demonstrate integrity, compassion and commitment of lifelong learning/ as doctors of physical therapy.

In our journey to make a positive impact on society, we promise to uphold our moral and ethical convictions, consistently acting with the utmost integrity.

…In our continuously evolving profession, we dedicate ourselves to life-long learning. To raise the standard of care, we will conduct and utilize evidence-based research in our clinical practice….”

In addition to the white coat, the students received a department pin in which the ‘lamp of learning’ is engraved to symbolize the beginning of a profession of life-long learning.

The Class of 2020 with PT faculty and University administrators

The DPT Class of 2020 includes:

  • Myraelen Aguilar
  • Sarah Banks
  • Adam Barnard
  • Marisa Becerra
  • Jacob Berard
  • Karen Blekh
  • Alyssa Cabri
  • Carolyn Chan
  • Rose Chang
  • Jack Chen
  • Esther Chiou
  • Nicole Cope Kimura
  • Joanthan Fong
  • Jeffrey Hatai
  • Tanner Hendrick
  • Ryan Hennessy
  • Randy Hill
  • Chase Cooper
  • Alyson Huber
  • Diane Kwon
  • Justin Lemoine
  • Jazmin Lomeli-Ramirez
  • Christine Lopez
  • Allison Low
  • Samantha Mendoza
  • Amy Moffet
  • Zakee Naqvi
  • Mark Prado
  • Hannah Ramirez
  • Mason Rivera
  • Hilary Scordalakes
  • Kari Silveira
  • Noelle Tarzona
  • Janelyn Jade Young

For more information on the physical therapy department, check out their webpage or follow them on facebook.