“My passion for our aging population, years of life experiences, and my desire to share my passion for helping others became my mantra to share with my students in developing a plan, passion, and persistence to achieve their academic dreams that includes paying it forward towards helping others.” –  Dr. William Dailey

For his work in developing programs in gerontology, Dr. William Dailey, former gerontology lecturer at Fresno State, was honored for his service in the field with a bench on campus at a Nov. 22 ceremony. Located in front of the south side of the Engineering East Building between San Ramon and Jackson streets, the bench serves to recognize not only Dailey, but his beloved guide dog, Farley, as well. Both retired from the University in 2015.


Dailey started out his career at Fresno State as a volunteer in the Interdisciplinary Gerontology Program in 1996, in which he credits Dr. Glen Doyle, professor emerita of geronotology at Fresno State, for not only being his mentor, but providing him a wide range of opportunities to learn. He later graduated from Fresno State in 2000 with his Master’s of Public Administration. In 2000, he began teaching in the area of gerontology for both the  Department of Social Work Education and Gerontology, as well as the Department of Public Health.

billdailey_rvsdDuring Dailey’s 15 years on campus, he assisted in developing programs like the Summer Institute on Aging and served on the Gerontology Advisory Committee, the Web Support Council, the campus Disability Institute and former President John D. Welty’s Committee on Disabilities. Throughout the Fresno community, Dailey helped develop the Fresno Learning Activities in Retirement and the Residential Facilities for the Elderly programs; and served on the Mayor’s Committee on Disabilities for the both the city of Fresno and Clovis.

As for now, Dailey continues to teach at Fresno City College in the Department of Social Science and Human Services.

– Written by Sierra Frank, CHHS Communications Student Assistant