We caught up with senior Chelsea Montes, who is in her first semester as the Fresno State Associated Students, Inc. Senator for the College of Health and Human Services. The Kinesiology major talks about her role as senator and what she will do to help students in the college thrive on campus.


chelsea1Why did you want to represent CHHS on ASI?
I am extremely passionate about my major and Kinesiology falls under the College of Health and Human Service. I feel like that the majors that fall under this college are extremely important, as they all have to do with helping people. If I didn’t go into exercise science, I would have gone into another major that allows me to help people.

What are your goals this year in regards to ASI?
The main project that I am working on right now is working with the USU Board of Directors to implement healthy and affordable food options in the USU and the campus as a whole. It’s something that I just started working on and I am hoping that by the time I’m done with my position it will be something that is in the process of being completed or will be able to pass down to the next senator.

What do the healthy food options look like?
That is something that I am collaborating with the USU board of directors with. We have a registered dietician from the health center that is working with us. I am there as the push for it.

What is your role as an ASI Senator?
As an ASI Senator, I oversee the College of Health and Human Services and all the majors that fall under the college. Basically, I am a channel for students. I am their voice if they have concerns and anything to do with their overall experience as a student is what I oversee.

We have senate meetings every other Wednesdays, then the Wednesday in between we have committee meetings. I am on the personnel committee. We go over things if students want to be on committees campus-wide and we place them in there. We interview students if there is an open position. Its similar to HR.

Other than that, all of the senators are required to do one-on-one meetings with the vice president of ASI. He helps us stay on track with accomplishing goals and projects. It’s definitely every other Wednesday and the meeting in between, but it’s about how much time we want to put into it.

Why do you believe it is important to be a part of a leadership role?
I believe that it is important to take on leadership roles, just to have that experience. Obviously when you leave college and go out to the real world, you are going to need the experience of communication, working as a team and working as a leader. Being in this position on ASI it has already helped me grow, strengthen my weaknesses and strengthen the things that I am already good at.

Overall, I am just really thankful for the experience.

What difference do you hope to make in the student body?
Overall, being able to hear their concerns or their needs. I don’t have a specific goal of what I will like to change on this campus. I just want to be able to let the students know that I am available for them. I want to let them know that we are at the same level and that I have the same concerns, needs and wants. I want to make their overall experience while being here that much better by implementing everything that they want out of this experience.

In regards to your academics, why did you choose to major in Kinesiology, specifically Exercise Science?
In high school I was really interested in sports medicine. I took a sports medicine class and I helped out with the athletic training portion of it after school with the football team, learning how to tape and all that. I played sports my whole life and I have two older brothers, so I’m definitely part of a sports-oriented family.

What got me into exercise science away from athletic training, is that I knew that I wanted to have a family, so I did not want to be traveling all of the time. Being in exercise science, working in a hospital would be a job that is settled somewhere, which is what determined where I wanted to go with my major.

What’s a fun fact that people may not know about you?
When I was younger, I was not planning to go to college because for multiple years I wanted to be in the circus. My parents were extremely excited when I told them that I was going to college and that I wouldn’t go after my dream of being a circus clown!

Why are you proud to be a bulldog?
The atmosphere here. When people ask me what school I go to and I say Fresno State, I don’t understand why it’s that negative connotation with it. I love being a bulldog. I feel like you have to be a bulldog to understand why we are so proud to be one. People on the outside do not understand why we have so much pride.

What are your hobbies/talents/etc?
I don’t know if it is considered a hobby, but I am in a sorority, which takes up a lot my time. I really enjoy it though. It is my fourth year of being in it.

I have the worst talents. I can do the worm! I don’t know if you know what that is, but a lot of people can’t do it.

How can CHHS students contact you with questions, concerns or suggestions?
I can be contacted via email, either at my personal email (chelsmon@mail.fresnostate.edu) or senator email (asi_sen_healthhumanservices@csufresno.edu). From there, we can set up a meeting or they can give me a call. It’s whatever the student prefers.