The School of Nursing at Fresno State will host the Think Bold: The Future of Nursing symposium, from  8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 27 at North Gym 118 (5305 N. Campus Dr.)

The event, designed to reach out the health care community in the Central Valley, will be a first for the #24-ranked School of Nursing.

“We feel that it’s long overdue that the School of Nursing at Fresno State establish professional and educational programs not just for our current students but to our former graduates,  community nurses,  and  healthcare professionals,” said Dr. Peter Garcia, assistant professor in the School of Nursing.

The symposium is aimed at licensed health care professionals in the areas of nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, radiology and more. Continuing Education Units will be offered to all participants.

Garcia said it is important to reach out to former nursing students to expand educational opportunities and provide intra and inter-professional networking opportunities at the University.


“This symposium is aimed at the professional community, but also includes our own current students because the future of nursing is the younger generation – those who are either getting into the program, about to get into the program, or perhaps just entered the program,” Garcia said.

Dr. KT Waxman

Keynote speaker will be Dr. KT Waxman, assistant professor and director of the Executive Leader Doctor of Nursing Practice program at the University of San Francisco. An internationally known speaker and author, Waxman currently serves as treasurer of the American Organization for Nurse Executives, a 9,000-member association.

With the symposium theme “the future of nursing” in mind, Waxman will discuss current trends in nursing and the emerging roles in nursing.

The School of Nursing offers programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level, preparing nurse leaders to meet the needs of the Central Valley region and beyond. Upon graduation, most will go on to serve the Central Valley in hospitals, clinics, schools and a variety of other health care settings.

The symposium is $45 for licensed registered nurses and attendees, and $15 for all undergraduate students. Pre-register today by contacting Peter Garcia at 559.278.8432 or Same day registration is also available.