Looks like Victor E. Bulldog III is considering a career in health and human services!

The sounds of feet rushing through campus, as classroom doors open and close, and friends/classmates greet each other with smiles and hugs were all a welcome sight today. After all, today the fall 2015 semester officially kicked off, commemorating Fresno State’s 105th year.

President Joseph Castro recently announced that the University has seen an increase in student applications at a rate that is twice the CSU average. In fact, out of the over 23,000 students currently enrolled at Fresno State, about 4,800+ students are from the College of Health and Human Services – which is home to seven academic departments.

“Our students are the hardest working, most diverse and passionate that I have ever known in my career,” Castro said. “They bring many special talents to our campus. Our job is to challenge and support them with a quality educational experience that leads them to graduation in a timely way and distinction in their chosen career.”

We are excited to not only welcome all of our new and returning students to CHHS, but to support them as well on their path to attaining student success. We’ll continue to highlight the proud achievements and stories of our students, staff and faculty here on our blog.

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Check out this fun video of CHHS faculty greeting new students at the fall 2015 New Student Convocation! Video Credit: Department of Physical Therapy