Fresno State held their annual Staff Training and Recognition (STAR) Day on Thursday, May 21st. This event gives staff across the campus and an opportunity to come together to learn new skills and gain personal development through a series of workshops and inspiring discussions. Our own Dr. Mark Baldis, faculty of exercise science in the Department of Kinesiology, presented a workshop on “How Activity and Nutrition Affect Mood/Overall Well-Being”, along with Dr. Lisa Herzig. Dr. Virginia Rondero Hernandez, chair in the Department of Social Work Education, also presented a workshop, entitled “The Power of Owning Our Stories”. We thank them for sharing their expertise!

StarDayFaculty2In collaboration with this STAR Day, the 49th Annual Service Awards Luncheon was held to honor the employees that have made a long-standing impact in the Fresno State community through their service, dedication and excellence to the university. A few of our own staff and administrators within CHHS were honored for their year of service, including:

1. Marlene Bengiamin, Research Director, Central Valley Health Policy Institute (10 years)

2. Jody Hironaka-Juteau, Dean, College of Health and Human Services (15 years)

3. Diannia House, Administrative Support Coordinator, Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies (15 years)

4. Mitzi Lowe, Associate Dean (interim), College of Health and Human Services (15 years)

5. Terry Luna, Project Coordinator, Central California Training Academy (15 years)

6. Karen Lowe, Administrative Support Coordinator, Dean’s Office (20 years)

7. Andrew Hoff, former Dean, College of Health and Human Services (retiree)

We congratulate them on their respective 10-, 15-, and 20-year anniversaries with the university…and look forward to many more! Their dedication to our college and Fresno State as a whole, is what truly makes our campus thrive.

Development Director, Dana Lucka (l), and Dean’s Assistant, Sue Shaw (r), were volunteers at STAR Day and ran into these awesome Lego men!