Click to watch video. Courtesy of CBS47-TV.

Our Development Director, Dana Lucka, recently spoke to CBS47 about crowd funding. Have you heard of that term before? If you have ever come across fundraising sites such as gofundme.com and kickstarter.com, then you are on the right track. Crowd funding is the act of funding a project or venture by raising money or funds from a large number of people, via the internet.

This concept has become widely popular and well used in recent years, due to social media, said Dana. Crowd funding is expanding among individuals in their early 20s to early 40s because they like to see the immediate results that come with these fundraising sites.

“You can see it happen right in front of you, and they can feel actively involved and that is one of the hallmarks of young philanthropists these days.”

Dana also gave some great tips on how you can start your own crowd funding effort. You can check out the entire news clips HERE.

Awesome tips and information, Dana! And just in time for the holidays. Know of an individual, family or cause that could use some much needed help? Grab a group of friends and start funding! ‘Tis the season to give and #BeThankful.

For more information on crowd funding, contact Dana Lucka at danaz@csufresno.edu.