Spirit of Woman Clinic Flyer
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The Fresno State School of Nursing will be utilizing a nearly $150,000 grant from the Song-Brown program, received in January 2014, toward opening a new training clinic for community health and nurse practitioner students.

Nestled in the back end of the Spirit of Woman facility is the refurbished bungalow that will house the new School of Nursing clinical site. Established in 1997, Spirit of Woman is a nonprofit facility that provides substance-abuse treatment programs for women who are pregnant or parenting. They currently serve 40-55 women and 25 children daily.

Fresno State graduates about 120 Bachelor of Science in Nursing students annually. Of that number, about 50 nursing students per semester are expected to work in the clinic, which is fully funded through the grants provided by the Song-Brown Program.

Along with onsite health services to the residents of Spirit of Woman, additional services will be provided by students in other academic fields. This inter-professional practice model will incorporate students of social work, physical therapy, nutrition and more. We’ll be bringing you much more about this ongoing collaboration later this year.

Audrey Riley, executive director of Spirit of Woman, said this ongoing collaboration with Fresno State is a great honor and help to their organization. “We are able to offer so much more to our residents, many of whom have health and substance abuse issues. Fresno State really meets their needs with help from the nursing students who will monitor the health of the residents and provide preventative care; and the students in the social work program who provide much needed counseling to our high risk residents. Having a partnership with Fresno State is such a great benefit for us.”

The Spirit of Woman facility is located at 327 W. Belmont, Fresno, Ca 93728. The grand opening of the clinic will take place Thursday, Nov. 13th at 9:00 a.m.