CommunityHealthquestClovis Community Medical Centers HealthQuest and ART HOP join together to give you the “Cancer Chronicles”! Fresno State students, faculty and staff are welcome to this free event, held at Clovis Community’s H. Marcus Radin Conference Center on Thursday, November 6th at 6:00 pm. This is an insightful, unique artistic portal of a couples cancer journey from a completely different perspective of uplifting visions, symbolism and humor. Be the first to take part in this movement of expression where healthcare and art meet!

Unfortunately, the fight against cancer is something nearly all of us, directly or with a loved one, will face in our lifetime. But as common as this journey is, no two paths are alike. When Ken West was given the news that he had Pancreatic Cancer, it was not only devastating to him, but to his wife Wendy as well. Together, however, they faced their foe with bravery and a passion for the life they shared.

They decided their plight should be chronicled, photographing their experience, every step along the way. Sometimes warm and lighthearted, other times sad and deeply moving, you are invited you to view a rare, personal and beautiful display of their art. It will change the way you look at cancer forever.

Reserve your seat now at to attend, reserve a seat at or call 559.324.4787.