What does it mean TO BE YOU (2BU)? Sign language interpreters often act has a bridge between the Deaf and hearing worlds for individuals who do not know American Sign Language (ASL). 2BU emphasizes the importance of closing the communication gap that frequently separates the Deaf and hearing worlds by attributing the positive attitude “to be you”. We ask you to please join the Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies Department (CDDS), as they raise awareness through generous donations, sponsorships and support for current students majoring in interpreting.

The 2BU Team’s first marathon in 2011.

CDDS faculty and students will be participating in the upcoming Two Cities Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 2nd as part of the 5th annual 2BU Fundraiser and to raise awareness! You, too, can play a role by donating a gift or sponsoring the team. Three simple ways to do this include:

  • Make an online donation at: https://www.fresnostate.edu/advancement/giving/givenow.html. Just check the ‘other’ box and type in “interpreting”. If you are sponsoring a specific runner, please list their name as well.
  • Submit check donation to: Sign Language Scholarship Fund, California State University, Fresno, 2345 E. San Ramon, M/S MH26, Fresno, Ca 93740-8031
  • Make a credit card donation to the program and/or team by contacting Development Director, Dana Lucka, at 559.278.5590 or danaz@csufresno.edu.
Bryan and Natalie Berrett at the finish line!

This fundraiser initially began in 2011 by Dr. Bryan Berrett, Chair in the CDDS Department, and and his wife, Natalie Berrett, who is also a professor in the department. As the Interpreter Education Program Coordinator, Bryan knows all too well how costly student fees can be. One in particular, the National Interpreter Certification exam, can cost students between $285 to $475. All interpreting students must take this exam in order to be certified.

“It is costly and we want to help alleviate that stress for them,” Berrett said. They created the 2BU fundraiser that year and linked it to the annual Two Cities Marathon, which stretches through both Fresno and Clovis.

If you would like to show your support for this great cause and be a part of the 2BU Team, please contact the CDDS office at 559.278.7218 or send an email to 2BUteam@gmail.com. You can also find the team on facebook! Volunteers are also needed!

The 2BU Team in 2013.
The 2BU Team in 2013.